GCSE chemistry

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GCSE chemistry
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Chemistry is a fascinating subject, but making it fresh and engaging for GCSE students can be difficult – particularly if they find it hard to visualise concepts like atomic structure and chemical reactions.

LearnersCloud tutor-led videos will give your GCSE Chemistry lesson plans a new and innovative dimension that students will love. They’ve been carefully developed and presented by fully qualified GCSE Chemistry teachers to outline every key topic in a lively, easy-to-understand way. The format will complement your own teaching perfectly, providing focus and promoting student engagement.

All content is developed by fully qualified GCSE Chemistry teachers, cross-checked by quality assurance consultants and regularly updated. New to our product range is iGCSE Chemistry, covering both Edexcel and Cambridge boards.

  • How science works
  • Rocks, metals and oils and their uses
  • Subatomic particles, the structure of substances and chemical reactions
  • The Periodic Table
  • Acids, alkalis and solutions
  • More...

To reinforce what they’ve learned and prepare for exams, students can also download our GCSE Chemistry revision app and test themselves with up to 1040 exam-standard revision questions.

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