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GCSE english
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GCSE English is a subject that repays the attention that students give it. But it can be hard to bring texts and ideas to life in a truly engaging way when it’s just you and a whiteboard.

LearnersCloud tutor-led videos for GCSE English complement your own teaching and provide a valuable focal point for student engagement and discussion. With full coverage of both English Literature and English Language, you can create lesson plans that maximise interest and reinforce learning.

All content is developed by fully qualified GCSE English teachers, cross-checked by educational consultants and regularly updated.

  • Exploring modern texts
  • Poetry across time
  • Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage
  • Exploring poetry
  • More...

To take their learning further and prepare them fully for their exams, students can also download our GCSE English revision app and test themselves with up to 1040 exam-standard revision questions.

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