GCSE Biology

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GCSE Biology
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GCSE Biology is a fascinating subject, yet many students underestimate how difficult achieving an A−C* grade can be. Students will often find the key topics engaging but when it comes to their final exams find that their results don’t reflect their predicted grades.

To help your students get the grades they deserve we’ve developed the most comprehensive GCSE Biology resource available. Consisting of tutor-led videos and apps, each clip follows the UK’s leading exam board specifications and are delivered by real GCSE Biology teachers.

Everything is available via your laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, so you can learn GCSE Biology whenever and wherever you like.

Whether used in-class to complement lesson plans, as a preparation task in a flipped classroom or set as a homework or revision assignment; you can be confident your students are getting the extra support they need.

LearnersCloud tutor videos are flexible and comprehensive, offering students 24-hour access to content developed according to their examination board.

We have also just released an exciting new course for iGCSE Edexcel and Cambridge boards. Give your lessons a new dynamic and see for yourself how LearnersCloud GCSE Biology brings every topic, principle and concept to life – start your school’s free 14-day trial today!

  • Adaption, classification and evolution
  • Drugs
  • Ecosystems, cycles and energy flow
  • Human impact on the environment
  • Inheritance
  • Homeostasis
  • Nerves and hormones
  • Cells and cell division
  • Photosynthesis
  • Tissues, organs and organ systems
  • More...

To add even more depth to your students’ learning aspects of ‘how science works’ have been seamlessly integrated into each video, giving students opportunities to practice vital skills for their controlled assessments.

We’ve also added exam style end-of-topic questions to test and reinforce students understanding. Plus, we've now released our new GCSE Biology revision app that will feature hundreds of exam-standard and multiple choice questions, helping students to learn, revise and test themselves on the go.

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