About us

Our vision

In 2010, we realised that today’s students needed a new way to prepare for their iGCSE and GCSE examinations. Being digitally minded, we knew how cool technology could be. So why not use technology to make learning cool!

As our idea took shape, we saw that it had to fit with the way young people live today, by letting students learn whenever and wherever they wanted. At the same time, it had to allow parents/carers and teachers to get involved too. We are not aiming to replace teaching, but what we can offer is a product that complements and supplements the students learning.

Eighteen months later we launched LearnersCloud. A suite of dynamic, engaging e-learning resources for iGCSE & GCSE students, available 24/7 via the most popular digital devices. The idea took off from day one and we soon started to expand our range of subjects. Today, we continue to work towards our vision ‘the best online iGCSE & GCSE learning tool you can buy’.

Our values


Our two great passions are high-quality education and cutting-edge technology. Our products have allowed us to bring both of these together.


LearnersCloud is all about bringing fresh new ideas to the world of education. If there’s a better way to help people learn, we want to find it.


For us, excellence means working with top experts and listening to user feedback. That way we can build a great product – then make it even better.


We’re a focused but friendly team who have found the best way to innovate is to listen, learn and anticipate. We try to meet our customer needs at every opportunity and encourage feedback from all users.